• 4 Important Life Changing Hacks For Total Success

    Welcome to the journey of happiness. You must be wondering what is the title about? The Journey of Happiness. Well it's very simple. Let us walk through the pictures from top left. Everything we eat ultimately comes to the choices we make, if we eat healthy there is good chance that over the period of time we will have less health problems.
  • 10 Tips to Become a Millionare Fast

    How to become a millionair? Start Early

    Working hard is one thing and is the best thing but having a financial sense will reinforce the hard earned money and will make us richer by living desciplined financial life. Have you ever wondered that all the paycheck is gone within couple of weeks and you wonder where are all the expenses going

  • Top 3 Healthy Dog Foods

    Top 3 Dog Foods on Amazon

    Pets are special as we have a deep emotional attachment to them, they also provide unconditional love, this is something so special about them, they feel us they understand us and are our best friend. So it becomes essential for us to take care of them and make them feel a part of our family. All pets are different jus

  • Tax saving strategies

    Invest $50 now and save thousands of dollors in taxes

    It's tax season and we all have to pay taxes like it or not, but do you know you can save all that money in taxes.All you will will need to do invest less then $50 and save hundereds or even thousands of dollors down the line.I will show you how. Having knowledge about thing is such an important thing,

  • Is Home Security Worth It?

    Are home security systems important?

    Have you experienced when you order something online and you get notified that your package is delivered but it is nowhere to be found? Well there could be several things going on. The mail person dropping the package at wrong address or their could be other bad reasons that someone might be picking up pacakages etc

  • 11 Ways to winterize your home

    How to protect your home during winter and winterize it?

    It's winter time and it's freezing out there, some of the important things to take care of during this time of the year in your home is to protect you and your home from losing money and sleep over what can go wrong. 

  • Best EV companies to look out for

    I have 25 years of experience working in Automotive, Aerospace and Heavy Machine companies. And I have lived through the times when we liked gas gu...
  • Best Wireless Headphones Review

    Check out the list of all the headphones I have reviewed. I really hope my research help you make the right decision   Best Wireless Headphon...
  • Best Earbuds Wireless

    Nowadays we are becomming more and more susceptible to wireless devices, with the invention of smart devices like touch phones and apps things have...
  • Trendy Gifts

    How to select the best gifts for holiday season?

    What are the best gifts to give in 2020 holiday/Christmas season?

    What gifts are trending in 2020?