Is Home Security Worth It?

Have you experienced when you order something online and you get notified that your package is delivered but it is nowhere to be found?

Well there could be several things going on. The mail person dropping the package at wrong address or their could be other bad reasons that someone might be picking up pacakages from our driveway or doorway especially now when most of us are home and ordering stuff online.So I have decided to buy security camera and install them so I can understand what is going on. 

To proof this only thing I can find is to install a security system around my home so I have a record if things ,go worng or if mail man comes I can be at the door to pick up the pacakge as I immediately get notified from the security system.

There are several options you can find online depending on what you want. I have ring door bell at main door and blink around my home and I will mention some pros and cons for both incase if you want to check them out.

One of the things I would recommend is to see if we can store our vedeos with some kind of backup. Some of the companies charge a small fee for that and some have options like jump drive where you can save your own vedeos, both have pros and cons, I will let you do your research and decide.I have both blink and ring. With blink you can save your own vedeos with a jump drive, I like this but camera installation was little bit harder due to it's size but anyway it is still worth it. 

With ring, the cameras are really good and also give me advance notice and it also is hooked to a door bell. This is best to install in the front of the main door, there is small fee to have back up vedeos but I think it's worth it, it also comes with entire home security system with options like window sensors and bunch of other stuff. You can check out in the links below.

So I tried this with ring security system, I installed a camera at my my door. To my surprise I immediately started to understand what was going on with my mail. Please click on the links below to further check the reviews and see it yourself


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