Best EV companies to look out for

I have 25 years of experience working in Automotive, Aerospace and Heavy Machine companies. And I have lived through the times when we liked gas guzzling trucks and cars.But the trend is slowly shifting towards EV space.With the climate change on rise there is a general shift in trend to move towards sustainability as the world is slowly shifting from gosoline cars to electric vehicles.

2020 has been a year of challenges and opportunities. Challenges related to health and opportunities related to massive advancement in technology.

2021 will be another year where we will see huge opportunities in the EV, Solar, Genomics and Technological sectors as mentioned by Cathie Woods.

It's a year where a very dynamic, young and talented engineer has proved the world that if you work hard and have a grand vision and necessary skills you can become the richest person in the world in no time. You all must be wondering who might this be or may have figured it out? It is none other then Mr. Elon Musk, if I am a british I will say Sir Elon Musk.

I like technological advancements in general. And I will regularly post my articles in the above sectors for readers as lately there has been many EV players emerging.This is like a dot com bubble or the time when gasoline cars where just emerging.

Only time will tell which companies will be the winners in coming years. My take is Tesla have proven to be dominant in this space as it's not just a car company but it has range of products which are intrinsically connected to one another. For example Tesla markets itself as a software company with autonomous technology. It also have solar power and battery technology which is the heart of EV. It has SpaceX and Neuralink etc. 

There are other players emerging in the trucking sectors too with different business strategies. Workhorse, Hylion, Ride, Blink, Plug etc. Based on my research I will be updating this section on a regular basis so please subscribe to my page by registering and being a frequent visitor and please check out my other blogs and pages as it will help me maintain this site with your feedback.

Please click here to find the top EV companies as per my research

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