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Nowadays we are becomming more and more susceptible to wireless devices, with the invention of smart devices like touch phones and apps things have become faster and the need for using wireless devices has become increasingly common due to ease of use.

As big names like Apple and Samsung have started paying more focus on Ear Buds, the industry for Ear Buds has evolved with more technology going into it and these devices have become as much as expensive as a phone. It's amazing how things evolve. I am an Apple user and I have always had great experience using these devices but in my family we also have Samsung phones, so things become interesting for me as now I need to find compatible devices that work for both.

As the holiday season is here I have started researching about Ear Buds based on the likes of my family and well as my habits like workout , listening to music or books or when I am in meetings or recording something, my need for features have evolved and started realizing that all these things matter when I shop for myself and for my family.

There are several companies online who sell knockoff ear buds but I have never been found of them, there is one company that caught my attention and I wanted to bring it to your attention, it's called JLab as I really like their Ear Buds after checking it out.When I checked their website before buying the buds something caught my attention, I think these guys are designing the product with the customer in mind. As an example they mention on their site about the usability and interferance and often times I have to stop my audio if someone wants to talk to me, with this particular bud they mentioned that I don't have to do that, so I bought one to test it and to my surprise it works as they mentioned on the site.

It comes in a nice package, looks very nicely designed, it did fit properly in my ears and by getting used to them after sometime, the sound quality is also clear and acceptable.I have also ordered a pair for my son and daughter as a holiday gift and I thought this is something I can share with you all.

If you want you can check my reviews on Ear Buds for more information as I highlighted a range of ear buds in that section.

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