10 Tips to Become a Millionare Fast

Working hard is one thing and is the best thing but having a financial sense will reinforce the hard earned money and will make us richer by living desciplined financial life.

Have you ever wondered that all the paycheck is gone within couple of weeks and you wonder where are all the expenses going. Well if this is the case you are not the only one facing this situation, most of the people run into this situation but the smarter ones are those who take care of things right away and do not procastinate.

One of best things to do is to learn to live a desciplined life. This is hard and it comes with training our mind, but once we master it then we will be on our way to a secure financial future.

This is a broad topic so I will keep it simple for now and I will keep adding more ideas based on my research and understanding and will work on bringing more information for you all so if you are passionate and really want to become successful then you will follow my below suggestion and will leave a comment and will spread my word around so others can also be benefited.

One of the secrets of rich people they openly share ideas and value time and do not procastinate.It's all about strong values and believing in yourself.

Everything has to start from setting up some goals and working towards our goals and not getting away from our track.Stick to the plan.

First thing to do is understand the " Current State" and laying out a plan for "Future State" with a resonable timeline. Once you layout an initial plan keep revising it until you start feeling it is achieveable. This may even force you to get out of your comfort zone, make you feel uncomfortable, have to sacrifice few things, but believe me the future will be bright if you just do it and believe in it. If this happens then you are already on your way to achieve your dream faster then your plan.

Here are some steps I have layed out for you, try these come back and let me know about your experience.

Step 1: Become desciplined

Step 2: Write down " Must Have's" and " Nice to have"

Step3: Determine expenses Vs savings

Step4: Evaluate your list and start cutting down until you reach a goal of 40% savings.

Step 5: Repeat step 1 to step 5 and keep setting aside money into investment account

Step6: Invest in Roth IRA, 401K and Real Estate

Step7: Learn new skills which can increase your income

Step8: Become an expert in something

Step9: Start a business that you like and it comes naturally to you

Step10: By this time you should be on your road to success

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