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COVID-19 has significantly changed our lifestyle and it was an adjustment for all of us.This virus has impacted us all as a society, I have never imagined something like this ever happening in my lifetime, but here we are dealing with it, be it constant confusion when you turn on TV or go online, we are hearing the same thing over and over again.

Our lifes have become so busy in past but Covid-19 have kind of forced us to rethink the way we work, the way we live etc etc.But at the end of the day I am positive that we will get through this, we just have to be patient and be humble.

With everything going around us I thought we still need to figure out a way to get back to normal. So I started looking at it positively. I thought now I have more time to spend with my family,  everything we do, we talk to each other and it's an opportunity to strenthen our bonding.We are cooking more, enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner as a family,organizing our work schedules, understanding eachother more, working out togather, identifying the needs of each other and also learning how to be a good listener.Enough of my soap, let's dive to what is important.

As the holidays are right around the corner, it will be a perfect opportunity for us to start understanding what things my family and friends like so I can start looking out for them and in the process also share with you all.This I think is a blessing and takes us away from our daily routine so we can rejuvunate and come back to work with more motivation and energy.

Based on my reseach below is good list of things that I think are important, go and talk to your family members and you can build your own list and if possible please share it with me as it will help me alot.

My List:

(1) Coffee Maker : This is something really important for us, without a good cup of Coffee in morning it will be a long day so this is in top of my list.I can write pages upon pages on this so stay tuned as I will writing more on type of Coffee Makers in my reviews, please also check my review if you get a chance?

(2) Kitchen Essentials : More cooking so this will be a good gift and bonus is more delicious food on the table, it's a Win-win, happy wife happy life.

(3) Blenders : This is good in many ways be it a morning workout or cooking

(4) Knife Set : To be honest when my wife asked me to cut vegetables I did horrible until I asked my chef friend who tought me everything about knife and I was surprised to learn about the type and purpose of knifes and how to hold them and use them as safety is the prime reason, secondly I noticed if we don't have a good knife it will waste alot of our time and we get frustated.

(5) Airpods Pro : This has become a necessity now as I use it for meetings, phone calls etc.

(6) Noise canceling headphones : If we cannot afford Airpods good noise cancelling headphone is another option especially when we cannot find our Airpods and we have a meeting.

(7) Matte Lipstick : This is something my wife uses and there an interesting story behind it so I will share it some time in one of my blogs, so keep tuned.

(8) Office Chair : I have a back problem and having an ergonomic chair is a must now so I have to add this to my list.

(9) Ergonomic Keyboard : Same things work related and gaming if you have teenager, my wrist got effected so I have done a log of research on the type of keyboard out there and if I get time I will share with you in one of my reviews.

(10) Ergonomic mouse : Again work related and gaming also ties to comments on #9.

(11) Linen sheets :  We are a big family so we buy alot of these, infact we have done enough research on these that I can start sharing with you all in future.

(12) Shower Heads : I have done some research on this so I will share more information on this in one of blogs, this is important especially if someone is loosing hair fast and also if they have hard water. More to come on these in one of my blogs later.

13) Humidifier : We have allergies and I have bought many humidifiers in my lifetime and now I know exactly which ones to buy and when we need it. More to come on these.

If you do like my suggestions, please do visit my site and also send me some feedback like (1) What do you like about my post ?(2) Was it helpful? (3) How can I improve?

Please do visit again and leave your feedback ? I will need your engagement to provide you what you are looking for especially when more people are online and working from home due to pandemic.

I think if I can provide value by saving you time by sharing my research with you and also bring a smile on your face, I will feel happy!

Be safe and happy shopping :))

Thank You for visiting my site!

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