11 Ways to winterize your home

It's winter time and it's freezing out there, some of the important things to take care of during this time of the year in your home is to protect you and your home from loosing money and sleep over what can go wrong. Couple of things I would suggest you are as follows.

1) Make sure your heating system is working perfect, sign up for annual membership with local HVAC contractors and have it maintained well if you don't know anything about it. This can save you thousands of dollors in unexpected failures especially during winter time.

2) Things that can go bad if the heathing does not work start with your water lines, these can freeze , expand and break, this will be certainly the most expensive and big inconvenience to us at the same time.

3) Run your heating warmer, this may look like you have to pay little extra but I recommend it's worth it as it will keep things warm behind the walls, especially if the drain and water lines are running close to the foundation wall and there is leak and hardly any insulation.

4) Have extra heater or two at home and run them in the most cold places like basements all the time

5) Check for leaks and try to insulate the uncovered areas in your home

6) Check windows for air leaks and seal them with tape or film, this will not put lot of load on your heating system

7) Always run water lines like drop by drop, this will keep your lines from freezing

8) Keep your garage door closed and seal all your leaks

9) Keep showels and salt ready and spray it around your home before 

10) Best time to showel is when the snow just got accumulated, this will save your time and energy as the snow is fluffy and can be plowed pretty easily vs taking it out when it is frozen and heavy, this can lead to heart attacks too. So be safe.

11) Use battery powered snow blowers, they are really nice and now you can find good ones with more power compatible to gas or electric blowers, click on the links below if you want to check out the reviews


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