Tax saving strategies

It's tax season and we all have to pay taxes like it or not, but do you know you can save all that money in taxes. All you need to do is invest less than $50 and save hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the line. I will show you how.

Having knowledge about something is such an important skill to have, it will make our life so much nicer and better, but where do we start getting knowledge, no better place then we getting our self-soaked into the world of knowledge. Based on my research I will be recommending some of the books to start your journey to become a savvy money saver and develop a comprehensive plan to manage your wealth and keep saving and growing it. This is how the rich have become richer, only difference is they started just like us at one point. Lived in a one bedroom apartment, squeezed every penny they possibly can, used garage to start their business. Jeff Bezos is a good example. Warren buffet leads a simple and disciplined life and there are many famous people we can read about.But the important point is you, it's about you.

If we just read about  habits of successful people we can see what mistakes we are making or even get along with someone around you who is very dedicated and passionate about becoming successful, that's a good starting point, believe me having a good company will make you similar person. Man is a social animal, all we need to do is just find the right company and then dream about being big. This is the first ingredient to become successful. The second thing is to make a plan. Read books, talk to successful people, explore your skills and become good at something that comes naturally to you. If you can practice this rest will be history, everything will start falling in place and in no time you will be on your way to success. But always be humble, help the people who need help on the way, develop strong relationships and talk positive and get negative out of your way. This is one of the habits of successful people.

Figure out the things that you waste  a lot of time on and it does not give you anything back. Change the behavior by cutting on time waster to productivity. Invest your time in the things that will get to your goal. Do the things that will take you there faster, I mean the most important things first.

Everything will need a start, what is better time spent than grabbing a good book and just sitting in some corner disconnected from the rest of the world and connecting with yourself, best investment is investment in you. Both mentally and physically. This recipe will pay big dividends in long term.

I have wasted a lot of my time by not properly understanding the mechanics of saving money, therefore the first thing I would recommend to my readers who are already here is to take time to read the below books before even going and talking to some successful person. It is never late but the early we understand about time and money the better it is and also teach the kids as their foundations become stronger. This is something I highly believe in and have gained experience by practicing it.

Having a good financial sense takes us a long way but it comes with understanding how things work, what are the things you could do to save money etc.?

Please click on the images below and do yourself a favour by setting up some time to read these books, and thank me later, if you can put 1+1 together you can figure this out as well, it's that simple. With less then $50 investment you will end up saving thousands of dollars year over year. It will be huge in a decade then you create a cycle and keep repeating it.


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