Top 3 Healthy Dog Foods

Pets are special as we have a deep emotional attachment to them, they also provide unconditional love, this is something so special about them, they feel us they understand us and are our best friend.

So it becomes essential for us to take care of them and make them feel a part of our family. All pets are different just like kids, not all of them are same and that's what makes it interesting.

Having unique and different charecteristics is what set once aside from others.Now the market is flooded with products but it is hard to understand what type of foods do we buy and from where. Often times we browse and browse but never get happy.

Purina brand is one of the best ones out there, the reviews are very good and lot of people like them, some of the benefits that I noticed is the food is designed in such a way that it does not put on weight on dog, this is good for their health.This also good for dogs that are getting old. The Dogs love this food.Also seems to be working for dogs with allergies.Dogs are picky eaters, they will express it with their attitude by not eating if they do not like it.The Purina brand seems to have studied Dog's behavior closely, no wonder this brand is so popular.Most of the dog vet seems to be recommending this.You may not necessarily find this at Petco as they may be carrying some of the expensive brands.You can click on the image below to check out the reviews for yourself if you don't trust me.

One of the things I would recommend is to check out the manufacturing date, just to make sure that the product is fresh.Sometimes if it's sitting long on shelf it may become crumbly.Since this moves fast it may not be the case.

Taste of the Wild : This product seems to be designed to fit the needs of any size of dog. The ingredients also seems to be in line with many customer expectations like having rosted Bison and rosted Venison for higly digestible protein coupled with vegetable, legumes and fruits provide powerful antioxidants which seems to be a good blend of narishments for dog.This brand focuses on healthy digestion and immunity which I think is something special about this brand.

Blue Buffalo: This brand come in different flavors ike Chicken, Lamb, Fish depends on what you want to feed your pet or you are worried about it's weight you can change the combinations to maintain it's health. It may also depend on what your dog likes.Nutritional levels are approved by AAFCO. I found mixed reviews about this brand so please check them out before you buy, if you are a regular user and trust them then please go ahead and click on the images below to check out the reviews.

Local pet stores or your vet is a good place to start about type of food to feed especially if  this is your first time having a pet. Follow their directions and another way to is to talk to your friends on what do they do, where do they buy things for pets from etc etc.

Please click on the images below to check out the reviews

For organic pet food click here to check out reviews


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