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Who am I and what do I do?

Welcome to www.BZLane.com where things happen, a little bit about my background.My idea of looking into trends started from coincedeance, my passion for householf items started mainly due to my keen interest in it. I am highly passionate when it comes to paying attention to detail and looking at things wholelistically or organically.For everything I buy, I first set a criteria that the product should meet a certain set of key requirements not just for me but everyone in my family, the product should be a part of our family, it should fit with our ambience and should also look good at home apart from meeting all the necessary requirements.So I will be focussing more around the household items and will try to bring it to your attention with my site at www.bzlane.com and grow it organically as time permits. I will try to refresh the information on a weekly/monthly basis depending on how things are changing and if I feel anything new that needs to be shared with you all I will try do it promptly!

For example, my journey started by shopping for my first home back in 2010 after getting a job and getting married, my criteria for my first home was that, I wanted it to be in a nice safe neighborhood, where my friends live and it also have a healthy lifestyle with a park in the backyard overlooking a lake or some scenic view and ofcourse top schools,so this was my criteria, idea was wanted to live in a place which is surrounded with things that will make me and my family happy. As I thought about it and shopped by grace of God I got exactly the kind of house I was looking for. After moving into my new home I crafted a a multigenrational plan on a budget and kept executing it relentlessly,for instance, I am found of plants, so I started planning to build a beautiful garden where I can relax in evenings, read a book or simply listen to music after a busy day. So I listed the most important things vs nice to have list.First in my list was remodel the kitchen and living room as those two places were heavily used and I wanted it to be cozy where I can enjoy my cooking and also entertain my friends.After careful reseach, reading articles watching vidoes and discussing with experts when I finally redid my kitchen it just turned out to be simply amazing and I got lot of positive feedback every time we had a get togather, "believe it or not it is not an easy task to hand pick everything for kitcken project based on a set criteria but it's worth it at the end of the day". Similarly I followed up to update my living room from picking up what type of blinds to put, what type of furniture is needed , how the setting should be etc. The next in my list was to design my basement where I can workout with my husband especially in winters and also make it comfortable for him so he can spend time with his friends. As I kept working on these projects along with my friends and similarly helping my friends with their projects, pretty soon this started coming naturally to me where lot of people started consulting me for their projects or just getting an advice on what to pick.Every time I help them out they would say why don't you do this on a bigger scale! So here I am sharing with you all!

Pretty soon my friends started doing similar projects and we started helping each other out, it was fun as we all had similar lifestyles and choices, our kids went to same schools and were pretty much at similar ages. As we enjoyed our company, we went togather for shopping, would share ideas on shopping on budget but should also have quality products etc etc.

Based on my 20 plus years of collective experience, I decided to do this for larger audience as lot of people in our community commended us as I was doing this to help everyone out, be it a bridal shower, wedding parties, birhday parties,  graduation ceremonies, remodelling activities or sports activities, health and fitness basically everything that touched me in my life I would do lot's of research before making any decision and ofcourse making my life enjoyable, memorable,fashionable, cool and comfortable in my busy life!

Please provide me your feedback on what you need and how I can improve and help? It will be highly appreciated !!

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info@bzlane.com for any questions. 

sales@bzlane.com for any sales related questions.


Thank You :))